Massage Logik

What is massage?

My interest in massage spans over 20 years, and now it is quickly becoming a reality!

I am trained in Swedish Massage, Reiki, and Hot Stone Massage.

Right now I am an intern at Anthem Institute's Massage Clinic. Please call (702)366-4140 and book with Brent!

One of my core beliefs is that massage is helpful to all people, and it should be considered to be a medical practice; with the same regulations, and respect of any other healing modality. I strongly agree with and respect the ethics of the American Massage Therapy Association, and I am currently a student member.
AMTA American Massage Therapy Association logo.

As an AMTA member I have my own insurance, to offer all clients extra peace of mind.

I am also looking for employment opportunities. Please feel free to call me at (650)564-4521 which can easily be remembered as 650-LOGIK-21, or email me at 
I am also Linked-In:
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     Please have a beutiful day!